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Soul grateful you have arrived on this page. Looking forward to meeting you  and learning your story . I founded soul work in 2016. It was inspired by a series of life experiences and a community of healers I grew with. I share more down below. This  studio is a safe space to provide self study and satisfying souls.

My Story

I am a big believer in Love , Joy and Soul .  If I were to describe myself in emojis, it would look like this ...

☀️🌈💃🏽🧘🏽‍♀️🦄🌻🌙🙏🏽 Overall, I am many things and nothing at the same time. In service to life as the founder of SoulWork Studio. Teacher of Dance , Yoga, and Preschool. Flower Essence Therapist. Metaphysical Minister. Dating Coach. Birthing Coach. Oracle Card Reader. I am Mother, Sister, Daughter, Lover and more. If I had to sum it all up, I am a Soulworker.

My work is often influenced by my passion for Astrology, Dance, 

Music, Travel,  and the Enneagram. I see soulwork as a very intuitive practice based on the oneness of mind, body, and soul. It can be light/heavy, slow/fast, all the things; it is the balance of ease and effort . All is necessary for the process of my inner growth wherever I am on the spectrum of the practice of life...I know its My soulwork. This journey began because I experienced a sudden loss .... for a moment... it had me disoriented,  this practice provided a container of strength , restoration and resilience. Soulwork called me back powerfully into my body, moving me from student to teacher. Now I LIVE authentically, EMBODY the healing journey , TRANSFORM everything within my sphere. Essentially I L.E.T. Soul work.


 My soul has lead me to these trainings and certification. Sedona University of Metaphysical Ministry , Sacred Yoga Studio, Ocean and Rivers , Celebration Spiritual Center, Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio, Liberation Prison Yoga , Empathy Architects,  and more.....All of these communities have been an influential part of who I am today.  Their foundation gave me the courage to explore more of my talents. Therefore I have recently expanded my work to include my own boutique private wellness studio Soulwork, you can find me at


I refer to myself as a Soulworker an agent for healing through the use of yoga, flower essence therapies, workshops, staff development for businesses, spiritual advisory , yoga retreats, private and small group sessions etc.... If there is more you like to know about me.... my preferred method of communication is talking in real time ...or Ig soulworkstudio....Namastè! 


Soulfully Yours, 

 Aqila Norris 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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